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Our Poway Sprinkler Repair Team Will Help You Save Water And Money

a sprinkler system optimized by our Poway sprinkler repair techsThe availability of fresh water is steadily decreasing while populations continue to rise along with the demand for clean, fresh water. Scientists are predicting that by 2050 more than a billion individuals could face a massive shortage of water. The United States Environmental Protection Agency started a nationwide Water Sense Program to help educate people on choosing water-efficient products. Some states are offering home and business owners incentives to purchase a new water efficient sprinkler system. Manual watering with a hose wastes gallons of water.  

The professional Poway sprinkle repair team can help you conserve water, save the Earth's water, while maintaining a gorgeous green healthy landscape. Sprinkler systems conserve water in several ways. They decrease runoff because the sprinkler heads can be installed and aimed to maximize coverage and increase efficiency. Also they run on timers, so the homeowner can schedule precise watering times. You won't waste water because you can place the sprinkler so that it doesn't water the driveway or other pavement. You it eliminates over watering.  Nearly every sprinkler system today has rain sensors, so they won't turn on if it's raining.

Top Notch Poway Irrigation Repair & Maintenance Services

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If your thinking it may save you lots of money to purchase a sprinkler system and install it yourself, you may want to rethink that decision. So many of our service calls come from individuals who think they can correctly install their own system, which many times leads to disaster and winds up costing the homeowner double what it would have cost to call a irrigation specialist the first time. Our technicians here at Poway sprinkler repair CA have been serving the public for decades. All of our service technicians are licensed, bonded, insured and certified. When you choose us for all your irrigation needs we will do it right the first time. You won't have to worry about your yard being destroyed. We take pride in our work and guarantee you will be glad you called. 

Providing Professional Sprinkler Repair In Poway CA

a landscape created by our teamOur Poway sprinkler repair CA professionals understand irrigation and water drainage and will provide you with a system that knows the precise amount of water your trees, shrubs, lawn and garden need to stay healthy and beautiful. We install the most efficient lawn sprinkler systems around and we take special care when installing your system to cause the minimal amount of disruption to your landscape. We also make sure all of California's state regulations are followed when we install a new system.

We Understand Irrigation Like No One Else

Once your system is installed, it is hassle-free. You won't have to spend hours messing with your water hose or setting timers that tell you when to shut the hose off.  You just set the timer on the sprinkler system and it will do all the work for you.